Summer Grilling Bundle
Summer Grilling Bundle

Summer Grilling Bundle

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Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind. And have friends over. And grill. And talk high-concept ideas. Because it's 2021, baybeh! For a limited-time, SAVE $37 and get Free Shipping! 

This bundle includes:

MEATER Plus - Limited Edition Brown Sugar Color
It's the bestselling meat thermometer in the multiverse. You're the master of BBQ, yeah? You need this now. Or maybe you're just starting out? YOU NEED THIS NOW.

Don't burn your hands. You need those for cornhole and high-fives.

MEATER Bar Blade
Ain't no party like a BBQ party 'cause a BBQ party don't stop. Keep poppin' those bottles open with this slick bar blade that your MEATER Plus can magnetize to.

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Summer Grilling Bundle $156.00 $119.00