MEATER Plus Holiday Bundle
MEATER Plus Holiday Bundle

MEATER Plus Holiday Bundle

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You deserve to meet the parents after gifting this bomb diggity bundle to your +1. Comes with giftable, rustic burlap bag.

This bundle includes:
MEATER Plus - Brown Sugar edition
It's the bestselling meat thermometer in the multiverse. In brown sugar form. 

Call it what you want. BBQ gloves, oven mitts, or power gloves to take on Thanos. These MEATER mitts are heat resistant up to 527°F and can take the heat.

MEATER Bar Blade
Whether you want to up your flair bartending skills or you just like shiny metal things, the bar blade has you covered. 

Smokin' with Myron Mixon
This recipe book from the legendary pitmaster will make sure you're the talk of the town for the right reasons, not because you're the one that refuses to donate to a soup kitchen. The winningest man in BBQ makes sure you do it right so you're like DJ Khaled - all you do is win, win, no matter what. First 500 ordered will receive SIGNED copies!

Kinder's Butcher's Grilling Pack
The best things come in 3s. 1) Woodfired Garlic Rub, 2) the Blend - salt, pepper, garlic 3) Mild BBQ. All the headliners you need to get the taste bud party going.

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